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XEO™ Savings Calculator

What you would pay for traditional cigarettes.

Geld sparen mit E-Zigaretten

Find out just how much you can save with XEO™ e-Cigarettes! Please fill out the requested information to see how much you spend and how much you can save by making the switch to XEO™ e-Cigarettes

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  • Enter how many cigarettes you smoke a day
  • Year you started smoking

The amount shown is how much you will save in one year after making the switch to XEO™ e-Cigarettes. Please see the chart below to see our detailed saving chart of how much you can save per day, per month and per year by smoking XEO™ e-Cigarettes instead of conventional cigarettes.

Costs comparisons

Time Traditional Cigarettes XEO™
Yearly costs
Monthly costs
Daily costs