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XEO  as a retailer, offers business customers several ways to participate in the success story of the growing company. With the XEO  retailing concept not only does it include five different models for single customers and wholesalers, but you will also find the POS package that is personalized and tailored to your needs. They are still part of XEO!


Why sell just XEO e-cigarettes?


  • The market for e-cigarettes in Germany is still young, a sharp rise in demand is anticipated (see also: International Comparison)

  • XEO  is the first company to offer products and concepts that have the potential to cause the boom in demand and at the same time, advance the market leader

  • national / international brand: XEO  e-cigarettes have the stylish and modern design of a high recognition value

  • high quality: XEO  assures a high quality in every product guaranteed

  • Innovation / Design: XEO  e-cigarettes are not only a stylish design, but also have advanced batteries and strong Atomizer which provide a unique smoking experience

  • fair price: XEO  offers fair prices for resellers with which maximum profits from trading margins can be achieved

  • simple support: XEO not only assists you with all questions you may have, your customers can also contact us with all of their issues (including returns, etc.). This will relieve the reseller and enable concentration solely on selling.

  • wide range of products: you have a choice: You buy from our selection only what you sell best to your customers

  • quality POS advertising media: XEO  produces a variety of high quality advertising media for your POS. You can further increase your profits!

  • Productive Affiliate - Concept: Earn XEO  Coupons on sales in our online store!


Inquiries and queries to the topic wholesale should be addressed to: sales@xeocigs.com