Shisha2Go Series

XEO E-Shishas the authentic Shisha experience

For many years, the shisha, which originated in India, has been a cult object in our culture. XEO has brought the E-Shisha, the Shisha2Go and Rechargeable Shisha2Go on the market for you, all of which conjure up a lasting vaping experience for you thanks to the multitude of different flavours. Let the authentic shisha flavors entice you into an exciting other world.


Sensual adeventures await you

mysterious and unbelievably fruity

Enchanting, exotic worlds reveal themselves to your mind’s eye when you succumb to enjoyment of our Shisha2Go’s exotic flavors. Seductively sweet notes blend with sparkling, exciting flavors, sending your tastebuds on a journey to distant lands. Wherever it takes you, experience this adventure with the XEO E-Shisha.

FIve exotic variations

Five different flavours seduce your senses. This authentic shisha experience is aided by the original shisha mouthpiece. The Shisha2Go is equipped with a tank including 1.8ml of fruity e-liquid and a battery that guarantees lasting vaping pleasure for 600–800 drags. A silicone lining on the inside protects against air entering. It is also leakproof, making the e-shisha a dependable companion when you’re on the move.
Why not let yourself be won over today by this uncomplicated piece of vaping history? 
Sweet or fresh, intense or light, our Shisha2Go enables you to experience flavoursome flights of fancy from Sweet Red to Sunny Beach! 

Nicotine free | 1,8ml E-Liquid | 600-800 drags | 4,2V 350mAh Lithium-Ion-Battery with a 1-year guarantee | authentic Shisha mouthpiece | 5 flavors: Sweet Red, Wild Blue, Sunny Beach, Yellow Dew, Tutti Mix |

Shisha2Go Sortiment

About XEO E-Shishas

Why XEO E-Shishas are the correct choice

In 2013, XEO brought the world’s first E-Shisha, the Shisha2Go, to the market. For the first time, the customer had a true long-term alternative to the conventional shisha. Thanks to their innovative startup function and dual air flow sensors, the Shisha2Go and Rechargeable Shisha2Go are always ready for use, offering complete pleasure and unique vapor buildup.

free of harmful substances 

The trend towards E-Shisha has long since arrived, and has established itself as a real alternative to conventional shishas. The benefits of the e-shisha or Shisha2Go are clear to see: They are nicotine-free, and do not contain other harmful substances such as tar or condensates. They also do not produce ash that needs to be disposed of. When vaping using the e-shisha, water vapour is the only thing produced. There are therefore no undesirable side effects such as discolouration of the teeth or annoying smells. XEO has therefore made enjoyment of the shisha socially acceptable.

Economic advantage and more freedom

Schaut man sich die Tabak-Preise an, liegt ein weiterer Vorteil klar auf der Hand: Die Preise für eine E-Shisha liegen im Vergleich deutlich niedriger, oft zwischen 30 und 50 Prozent. Vermehrt greifen Konsumenten deswegen auf E-Shishas zurück und erfreuen sich sogleich der Freiheit, die eine E-Shisha mit sich bringt. Kein lästiger Geruch belästigt die Mitmenschen und so wird der E-Shisha Genuss zu einem stressfreien Genuss. Das unterstreicht den Vorteil, dass E-Shishas sich problemlos überall mit hinnehmen lassen. 

Lange währender Genuss

Mit Deiner ganz individuellen Shisha2Go von XEO erhältst Du extra viel, qualitativhochwertiges E-Liquid. Ausgedehnten Entspannungsmomenten steht damit also nichts mehr im Weg. Für Deinen ungetrübten Genuss sorgen bei allen Varianten der elektronischen XEO Shisha2Go eine leistungsstarke Lithium-Ionen-Batterie und die innovative Start-Up-Funktion. Ein authentisches Shisha-Mundstück sorgt für ein Dampfgefühl, das sich hinter dem der herkömmlichen Shisha keineswegs verstecken muss.

Diversity in Flavors

XEO bietet Dir eine Einweg-E-Shisha, die Shisha2Go an, die in Geschmacksrichtungen wie Blaubeere, Melone, Pfirsich, Tutti Frutti und Roter Apfel erhältlich ist. Durch die große Auswahl wird jeder Shisha Fan früher oder später seine Lieblingssorte finden.

Shisha2Go E-Liquids

Authentic Shisha taste for your Vaporizer

Everywhere and Always: Shisha-flavors

The exciting Shisha2Go flavours are now also available as an E-Liquid range! hoose your favourite flavour from Pink Surprise, Purple Breeze, Wild Blue, Double Apple, Emerald Splash, Sunny Beach and Yellow Dew, and enjoy the unmistakable shisha taste whenever you want, wherever you are. If you are interested in E-Liquids containing nicotine, and which are in no way inferior to the Shisha2Go flavors, then take a look at our Fruit and Cream E-Liquid series . Here you will find our classic Shisha2Go flavours, but for the first time also with added pharmaceutical high quality nicotine.